Just a few of the advantages that the Ezee-Feed Infeed and Outfeed Tables provide:

These PATENTED units were designed by professional woodworker, Lee Jesberger, who knows first hand how difficult it is to cut sheet goods while working alone.  They are time tested in our own cabinet shop. With over ten years of use, we know they make cutting sheet goods easy.

    • Ten seconds from hanging on the wall, to installed and ready to use.
    • The same ease of use, and accuracy of a $15,000.00 sliding table saw.
    • Never having to lift the full weight of the sheet onto your saw again, simply by using the convenient side roller.
    • Greatly reduced risk of back strains while working with heavy and bulky sheets.
    • Greatly reduced risk of kick backs. (always use a splitter!)
    • Perfectly straight, cabinet quality cuts, every time, even when ripping an 8 foot miter.
    • 95% less walking with material. No need to hold up the sheet, while walking forward to feed it into the saw blade.
    • A far better field of vision while you cut sheet goods, since your standing right next to the saw during the entire cut.

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