Home Woodworker

Plywood sheetsCutting a  heavy sheet of plywood is not an easy proposition, especially for the home woodworker.

Even if you could find someone to help when you’re ready to make a cut, working in unison with anyone is difficult, especially when it is only an  occassional thing.

Cutting expensive sheet goods accurately is essential to cabinet making.  Until now, the choices of how to do it were pretty limited. You could recruit some help, or use a roller stand. Neither option was something you could depend on for consistantly good results.

With the help of your new Ezee-Feed Infeed and Outfeed tables, you will be able to cut plywood accurately and easily, every time, regardless of the weight of the sheet, and without worrying about having someone available to help.

These units mount and dismount from your saw so quickly, you’ll find yourself using them, even if you’re only making one cut. They’re just too easy not to. It’s actually faster to set them up and make an accurate cut, then it is to not use them and get haphazard results. It really is a no brainer.

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