Return Policy

Our Guarantee and Return Policy to date has been a non issue, as no one has wanted to return their Ezee-Feed units, nor have there been any mechanical failures.

Careful PackagingWe want that to remain the case, but in all fairness to our customers, we feel it’s necessary to publish this information on the site.

As shown on left, our shipping and packaging is done with the same care as our entire business model.  These crates are constructed to prevent any damage, regardless of the treatment the shipper may give them.

We know how disappointing receiving a product with damage or missing parts can be, and strive to prevent that from happening.   We want your experience with us to be world class in every way.

We guarantee our products against manufacturer defects for 5 full years.

We will repair or replace, any defective parts or unit, at  our discretion, and at no charge, including shipping costs.


Ezee-Feed Units return policy

Due to both the cost of packaging and shipping these units, as well as the fact that the installation process requires drilling holes in the mounting brackets and accessories, we cannot accept returns once they have been installed on your saw. Returning the units prior to installation, is acceptable, as long as the unit is returned in new condition. We will refund the purchase price of the unit, excluding shipping. You will be responsible for the shipping charges we paid to ship the unit to you, as well as the shipping charges to return it to us. If the unit is repackaged, you will be charged for any damage incurred during return shipping.

Please Note: If customization or modifications are done by either the factory or the customer, such as changes to the mounting system or length of legs, to fit a specific table saw, we cannot accept any returns.

Ezee-Feed Kits

We cannot accept returns on our kits, which are largely intellectual property, and cannot be returned, even if the physical parts are returned.

We appreciate your understanding in this matter, because as a small company, we simply cannot afford any other policy. We know we make a great product, and that it will preform better than promised for many years to come.