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Customers' Sawstop Never have a felt the need to do a review like I have in regards to the Ezee Feed that I purchased. I have wanted to do this review for a while, but just haven’t made the time. Tom, your review has pushed me over the edge, and so I MUST chime in. Allow me to share my experience with Lee and the Ezee Feed.
I ordered mine, the red version like Toms about 6 months ago or so. It sat in its box for a short while until I had time to install it. Finally, one weekend evening it was time to tackle the install. The directions were good, but I had some immediate issues in regards to my cabinet Sawstop. I picked up the phone, on this weekend evening, figuring I would leave a message for Lee. Well, THAT didn’t happen. It didn’t happen because I didn’t get an answering machine, I got Lee! That is not the norm. As so many of us hobbyist know. We get out in our shops at night and on the weekends. This is not when people/companies answer their phone. NOT with Lee. He answers his phone what seems to be all the time. We spoke, and he asked me to send him some digital photos of my situation. He even said that HE was willing to drive, I believe what would be over an hour to his local Woodcraft to purchase what I needed to do the install. He also had some great ideas for me to think about. I needed to do some manufacturing in the shop to make it work. I called him back the next day AND did get an answering machine. Left a message, and received a call back in less then an hour. Again . . . WOW is all I will say. So it took a little ingenuity but with the installation done, I was ready to cut some wood.

Now, to say that I was a little apprehensive is putting it lightly. The ONLY accident I have had in the shop in my 12+ years in the hobby, so far, thank God!!, has been with sheet goods. One day I was ripping a full ¾ 4×8 sheet of ply. I wasn’t paying attention, and bound the sheet between the blade and the fence. In just a split second, the sheet came out of my hands, and the blade lifted it off the table. Spun the sheet 90 degrees and shot it back at me, hitting me square in the chest. Lifted me off my feet, threw me over a table that was behind me and landed me on the floor. Although I have continued to rip sheet goods myself, it has NEVER been any fun, always a balancing act. So, back to present times.

Lee said that ripping with the Ezee Feed may take some getting used to. Well, I maneuvered a full sheet of cabinet grade ply out of the bin and unto the Ezee Feed. With the ply sitting happily on the Ezee Feed I was able to turn the saw on MYSELF with no assistance. Standing to the SIDE of the ply, right next to the saw, and keeping my eye on the edge of the plywood and the fence, I began feeding the 4×8 through the saw, with just my fingers tips it slid so easily. WOW! (again) Is all I can say. No, that is NOT all I will say. WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW is what I will say. It was absolutely effortless. It was absolutely safe. It was absolutely Ezee!! This is a fantastic product and it has changed my enjoyment of woodworking GREATLY!!!!

Up until now, I have always had to “pre-think” how I was going to do something related to sheet goods. Could I get help? Will the wife come out? Do I REALY want her in the line of fire? Etc, etc. I no longer think like this. Dealing with sheet goods is simple, easy, and very accurate. More accurate then it has ever been. Never have I reviewed a product. I have purchased many tools and due to my extensive research that I do, have seldom been dissatisfied with a purchase. I love my Sawstop, my Powermatic 20” planer, my Festool equipment, etc etc. But never have I made a purchase due to safety and ease of use, except maybe the Sawstop, that has changed so much in regards to my comfort level while in the shop. The Ezee Feed had done just that. Lee, you have made an excellent product, AND provide service for that product that goes well above and beyond what I have seen any else do. My hat goes off to you, if I were wearing one. Thank you for making my shop time safer, more accurate and more enjoyable. Money well spent!

— Anchul – Warrensburg, MO: As a Pastor, I am just trying to get closer to Jesus. He was a woodworker too.

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