Ezee-Feed Units on Contractors SawThank you for your prompt support with my issue with the back of my contractor saw and pointing out the adjustment in the ladders. I never noticed the adjustment holes.

After utilizing the Ezee-feed infeed and outfeed tables, I am totally impressed with the system.  As you say, it is everything as promised.  I made new cabinets for the kitchen and dining room using 20 sheets of plywood and 56 pieces of 1x 8 x 12’ oak planks.

It made the job of handling the material by myself a breeze and saved my back! I wish I had found you sooner!!  It was well worth the affordable price!  Set up and strike down is now only a few seconds, instead of minutes and the struggle with the boards is now a thing of the past.

Truly amazing was the ease in which the material moved across the roller balls. Unlike the roller stands I have been using, once in place, the output table never needed to be re-adjusted or go out of square with the table saw. The ability to fold them up and store them in minimal space is something I am always on the look out for.

With the combination of the product and your high service level, you have set the bar way higher than others are willing to go. We need more companies and people like you!   It was a pleasure dealing with you. I recommend that anyone with a table saw invest in the Ezee-feed system!

Thanks again,

Dan B.
Madison, Ohio