I would love to share a picture of my saw setup.  However, I did a good job of tearing up my rotator cuff this spring and had to have surgery.

Should have acquired one of your in-feeds and out-feeds sooner. Surgeons had to insert pins into the bone and then suture the tendon to the pins.  I won’t be able to start rehab for another 6 weeks.  I walk by your package and can’t wait to install your out-feed and start a cabinet project.

I will take pictures and leave a testimonial as soon as I can use my  arm.  I think that you have an excellent product that should be available in retail stores.  However, your Number 1 asset is your customer service.  Rarely have I found a person who has your kind of pride in your product along with the commitment to make sure that the product attaches correctly and can be fully utilized.  Keep up the great customer support!

Thank you ,