Ryan B.

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I picked up a nice, 12’ long piece of red oak S4S for ripping down into smaller stock. I needed 12’ lengths,
but I also realized how much control I did not have if I tried to feed the board into my table saw from 11’
away from the blade. I didn’t think about handling and ripping it in my small shop. I mean, I have the
length, but I did not want to have to crawl under the long boards to puzzle the ripping process together.

After pondering the process for a moment for an easier, more controlled way of ripping, I thought about
this new tool I just recently invested in, namely an Ezee-Feed table extension. I’ve have already used
the extension several times to assist me in ripping sheet goods down to panels and quite often, but it is
so new in my shop that I did not think to use it for ripping long boards until today. I am so happy I did.

No worries about running the boards straight through the blade at such great distances away from control.

I found the Ezee-Feed system while I was browsing other LumberJocks’ projects. This is a fantastic addition
to my workshop and I’m sure you would say the same, especially if you process a large number of sheet goods.

Check it out at For questions, contact LumberJocks community member Lee Jesberger.
He will guide you through setup, which for me was fairly simple despite having to drill a few accurate holes
in my table saw. After the rail(s) are attached, that’s it. Setup and take-down is literally a two step process.

Thank you Lee.