Steve M.

Good morning Lee,

I have installed and used your product. First off, congratulations coming up with such a unique and innovative design.

The way the first board I cut slid through the table saw really caught me off guard. It is so smooth, a feeling I wasn’t used to. You are right, it really makes a world of difference.

I did have to install different leveling feet as I needed a little more length to get the tables level. I also tapped another set of holes in the rear flange of my table saw so I could relocate the outfeed table to accommodate the sometimes larger waste side of the boards. Your personal instructions were more valuable than the ones that came in the box (in fact the first instruction is repeated twice).
Also, I am unclear how to use the roller. Was it your intention to have us stand the board up and use the roller to guide it onto the rollers and then lay it down, or did you mean to have us lay the board flat on the roller and them manipulate it onto the table saw?

Finally, not really an issue, but the holes that were tapped for the HTC roller bracket didn’t line up perfectly.

Other than that, you’ve invented something truly special (even my neighbor thought it was “cool”) and I especially appreciate the tremendous customer service. Your company’s attitude is desperately needed in a world full of the “I don’t work in that department” attitude.


Steve M.