Thos. Angle

I had been wanting one of Lee Jesberger’s Ezee-Feeds ever since I first saw it. It looked like a great solution to the problem I was having getting a decent job of cutting sheet goods.Carleen and I fought the last cabinet job with a 4 roller stand and the new outfeed table I put on the saw. It was certainly better than the single roller stand we had been using. The out feed table and the new big workbench really took care of the out feed side but getting it started was still a two man(Oops, one man, one woman) job. Every time we cut sheet goods we’ve messed up at least one sheet of plywood because it slipped. I recently got the contract to build the front check out counter and front office for a new building for an old business in Boise. I decided that was a good reason to get the machine. I ordered it and Carleen hit the roof. She thought it was too much money that we didn’t have. I did it anyway.

The Ezee-Feed arrived and I was busy with the pergola that goes along with this contract. I had it so long that Lee was worried that I didn’t like it. We visit back and forth a lot and I consider Lee a special friend. I had to get going on the cabinets so I got it up and ready to go last night. Lee was super helpful with the questions I called him about and always available. I walked out the door this morning determined that I would cut all my case parts with out any help. There are 12 cabinets in this set. 4 of them are corner cabinets and the rest are regular cabinets, all lowers. The case sides, bottom and tops are 3/4 inch birch and oak plywood and the backs are 1/2 inch birch. The base is 4 inch , 3/4 inch birch as well.I honestly couldn’t believe how easy it was to use the Ezee-feed. I had all the case parts cut by 3:00 in the afternoon. That included all the shelves and base parts. No messed up sheets and I wasn’t worn to a frazzle. Between 3 and 5:30 I got all the rabbits done on the back of the side panels and the shelf holes in three and sanded all the parts for those as well. I figure I came close to paying for the Ezee-Feed on this one job. Carleen is happy she didn’t have to help, etc. etc. I don’t know why. I think I’m a delight to work with.

If you get a chance to try one of these, do it. They are made to cut sheet goods so if you never use plywood it probably won’t be cost effective. But if you build cabinets and can’t afford a CNC, this will certainly help get the job done easier.