Tom M.

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Tom M with his Ezee-Feed on a  Powermatic Table SawI have posted a tool review, but I wanted to show more than 3 pictures and tell you more about this great product. I had considered buying the Ezee-Feed Infeed Table for quite some time. I have noticed that I’m just not as strong as I used to be. Trying to hold a sheet of plywood up and keep it against the fence was getting to be a struggle. I was getting burn marks and uneven cuts and I felt it was really hard on my Forrest blades. I needed something that was easy to put on and take off my saw.

The Ezee-Feed Table has proven to be the answer. With the folding legs, it is easy to store when not in use, which is a must in a small shop like mine. The Ezee–Feed system is exactly what I was looking for and fits my needs perfectly. I would like to tell you about the product, the service, and how it works to make me say “I can’t believe I didn’t buy it sooner”!

Let’s talk about first impressions. How many times have you gotten a heavy piece of equipment and have it arrive with parts hanging out of the cardboard box? Or worse yet, have missing parts because the box is open? At the very least, items I have purchased have arrived with loose parts that have rubbed together and bounced off of each other so that there is scratches and wear to my “new” item. (You’ve all seen my shop so you know I’m a little picky about condition.) The Ezee-Feed came to me in a wooden crate. I opened it with a pry bar, not a utility knife. There was a wood brace and cardboard holding everything in place. After unpacking, I found all the pieces were there, and all were in perfect condition.
There were detailed instructions and pictures that make sense, obviously written by someone who knows woodworking first-hand. It took me about two hours to put everything together, get it mounted to the saw and adjusted. There were three things that I had to do a little differently to get things to work well for me. I had to move the power switch on my Powermatic 2000 farther to the left. When mounting the track to the mounting brackets, I had to put the spacers on top of the sliding mounting bracket instead of the top of the track to get the spacing I needed. And I had to cut the mounting bracket above the saw crank level with the bottom of the track (the last modification was to prevent barking up my knuckles on the bracket). I considered these changes minor and expected since all saws are different and adjustments are just part of adding any improvements to shop equipment.

I used spring clamps for added stability of the bracket to the table unit, but found that it wasn’t necessary. It’s just a “Tom” thing. The sheet just glides along as you feed it into the saw. I can easily concentrate on keeping the wood even with the fence and there is no effort whatsoever. I truly believe you could cut a sheet with one hand. Now my wife doesn’t have to worry about me being hurt when cutting sheet stock. I could see where you could increase production greatly with the help of this infeed table

This is a quality product that is made by people who care about customer satisfaction and take pride in what they are selling. And are you ready for this?! When you buy the table, the president of the company gives you his personal cell phone number and you can call him day or night! My hat goes off to Lee Jesberger and his staff. Thank you from a satisfied customer. I only have one complaint – the track should have been red to match my shop!

— Mc Bridge Cabinets, Iowa

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