Ezee-Feed Kits

Ezee-Feed unit made from 80/20 Aluminum AccessoriesWoodworkers want to spend their shop time making projects. Especially fun are projects they can use in their shop. These DIY kits provide you with a great shop accessory project, and save you money in the process. Building your own Ezee-Feed unit can be a rewarding shop project.

They’re easy to build, and can be completed over the weekend. And, depending on the wood you choose to use, can be a beautiful shop accessory. Our first Ezee-Feed unit was built out of wood.

Or, as shown in the picture on the left,  you could make one out of aluminum parts, manufactured by 80/20 Aluminum Extrusions, and our Kit #1,  as one of our customers did.  Very cool looking. And while it ended up costing him a fair amount more than using wood, it weighs in at only 24 pounds.

We offer several variations of our kits. They all include some basics. The “plans” booklet is a “how to” manual, complete with step by step photos, drawings and instructions, (including some basic woodworking tips along the way). Also included is the install/owners manual, mounting brackets, and sliding brackets.

Ezee-Feed Kits – Return Policy

We cannot accept returns on our kits, which are largely intellectual property, and cannot be returned, even if the physical parts are returned.