Let’s face it…most people don’t go to the trouble of writing about a product, unless the product or service really got under a person’s skin.

Lumberjock Tool Review

I mean, there are even business’s whose entire purpose is to provide a means to complain about products and services. (Of course they make a handsome profit in doing so).  Fortunately, every once in a while someone will post a positive comment on a forum or a blog, out of the goodness of their heart, simply because they felt the product or service warranted it.  We have included some of them that we have been fortunate enough to receive, but these are by no means the only ones we get.

We are very proud of these comments, because customer service is as important to us as the quality of our product.

The testimonials we have included here aren’t unusual responses from our customers. People get excited when they find a great solution to a nagging problem. That’s what we provide.

Woodworkers are a passionate group of people. It’s no surprise that they are more than happy to pass along their experiences with a product, or a company. If they like a product, but the customer service is no good, they will tell anyone and everyone that will listen. Likewise, great customer service for a lousy product isn’t the recipe for success either.

As professional woodworkers ourselves, (and not to sound cocky), but we know we make a great product,…we use them on a regular basis, so we’re keenly aware of makes them very useful. So with that taken care of, we can concentrate our efforts on customer service. This we find to be pretty simple…treat our customers the way we want to be treated. Pretty basic stuff, really.

Anchul  – Full time Pastor, part time woodworker.
Barry – Woodworker.
Dan  – Home Woodworker. 
Dave S  – Woodworking Blog Host.
Ed B  – Full time Trial Attorney, part time woodworker. 
Jim – Home Woodworker.
Ryan B – Custom Cabinet Maker.
Steve M – President – Fix Me Up Inc.
Thos Angle – Custom Cabinet Maker.
Tom M  – Custom Cabinet Maker.